Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Making my daily bread (part three): back to subbing

Now, believe me, I'm not complaining...I'm just saying, you know?

I, like 90% of the rangers in the NPS, am a seasonal ranger. That means that I work for six months during a year. In that other six months we all have to find another way to meet the grocery bills and house payments. For me, that way is substitute teaching.

I substitute teach in the park's off-season (Winter and early spring) and during the summers I'm totally working at the battlefield.

What could be more perfect?

Have I mentioned that subbing "sucks"?

Again, I'm not complaining. All I have to do is work six months at a job that I don't like to support those other six months of working at a job that I absolutely love.

As my good friend Steve ( Soper sez:

"Life is full of trade-offs".

Becoming stronger every day.

Ranger Mannie, or "Mister G" to the kids at Greenbrier Elementary today

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