Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Memorial Day in Sharpsburg

I'm told that Memorial Day pretty much started here in Sharpsburg. Certainly the parade boasts itself as the oldest such parade in America. Who am I to doubt it?

All I know is if you want a Norman Rockwell version of Memorial Day in America you need to come to Sharpsburg Maryland to watch it unfold before your very eyes.

All of the local high school bands and fire companies show up to celebrate this most American of holidays which marches along Sharpsburgs very hilly, very straight, main street. It's wonderful.

Important committee ladies

All seats are good and people chat with the folks they know on the other side of the street.

Serious flag-waver

Preparing a float

Locals visiting

An attentive musician

The National Cemetery in full regalia

The park superindent touches bases

Wreaths await presentation

The parade in full swing

Here come the yankees

The neighbors enjoy their parade

If you're ever in the area come the end of May, do swing by Shapsburg...the local folks will make it worth your while.

Ranger Mannie


J David Petruzzi said...

Hhmm, Mannie - I thought Memorial Day began in Boalsburg, PA (not far from State College). I believe there's a monument to that claim, also, in the town cemetery there. A group of women (perhaps during the war IIRC?) began decorating graves of military veterans, and it's touted that Memorial Day began there.


mannie said...


Nope, sorry.

One of the important committee ladies told me it was Sharpsburg.

(Don't contradict the important committee ladies)


J. David Petruzzi said...

LOL, never. I once contradicted important committee ladies.