Thursday, August 02, 2007

Huzzah for the bully boys of New Hampsha'

I'm off this week to finish building the final bookcase of our library. Soon I'll be able to pose for (self-timed) photos of myself in front of an impressive collection of (other peoples) Civil War books. Look out Kevin Levin!

I'm taking a break from mismeasuring lumber and bending nails to put up a short post about recent events at the park.

Last weekend at Antietam National Battlefield 32 or so, living historians, portraying the 6th New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry provided demonstrations for visitors. Having half a company on hand to give loading and firing demonstrations, as well as rudimentary company-size manuvering was very instructive, also fun to watch.

And I, for one, was glad to be only watching. With temps in the high nineties and humidity to match, wearing a wool uniform in the blazing sunshine must have been miserable...hey, I think that was a teachable moment!

Here's some pics:

Mustering at Dunker Church.

Some pretty good impressions.

Visitor's really asked a lot of good questions.

The ever-watchful tower in the background.

Their very colorful color sergeant. I think the wrist and hand tattoos indicate previous service in the Union Navy.

Firing by ranks.

Hope to see them again next year.

Lots of good history,

just north of Sharpsburg

Ranger Mannie

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