Saturday, September 01, 2007

Getting off the dime, part one

Okay, so today is September first. It's finally here. Drat!

This is the day that I told myself I'd start looking for another part-time job which would enable me to keep my part-time Ranger job.

Let's see...

- Home Depot...worth a look
- Walmart...I don't speak Chinese
- Medical Doctor...I understand the pay is great (though I might not be able to fake my way through this one)
- Car Salesman...I don't look good in plaid
- Historian...My books have all been coloring and activity books (I'd welcome any blurbs).
- Substitute teacher...On the table, although Idon't like rude kids (sorry if that one's yours).
- Bra fitter...hmmm
- Pipe fitter...Too damp
- Museum professional...Been there (with blood pressure to prove it)
- Mountie...Dont speak Canadian eh.
- Ghost Tour Operator...Sorry, don't want to move to Gettysburg
- Tee Shirt Designer...See above
- Fashion Model...Army surplus is too small a niche market
- Stock Broker...I'm not easily frightened

At any rate, I must find something by October 1.

Any suggestions?

Will work for food (or carbon credits), just north of Boonsboro.

Ranger Mannie


Anonymous said...


How about teaching as an instructor at a local college or university? Perhaps Tom Clemens or Mark Snell could help with ideas?

Larry Freiheit

Anonymous said...

Bra fitter might sound like a nice, cushy job but, trust me, it's hands on. No lollygagging.


The Better Part of Valor

Anonymous said...

Mannie, this is from a current NPS ranger. Consider applying for perm. jobs with the fed. govt. in DC, there are plenty available, even if they are not what you really want. Once you are hired, you can work a very short time, a month or so, and then resign. You could handle the commute for a short time. Then, you will have "reinstatement eligibility" for three years, and you'd be eligible to apply to jobs like you saw listed for Monocacy, that is the ones formerly off limits for temporary employees. This is a common pathway for folks to get their foot in the door of the fed. govt. Also, check out the Association of National Park Rangers website (, they have a mentoring program that is available to members. You could get the benefit of a current NPS ranger/manager to help guide you as you go after what you really want. I am a mentor with ANPR. Good luck and don't give up on what you want. BTW, I enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work (even if you have to jump temporarily to another fed. agency just to get that all important "status"!