Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Mr. G's substitute teaching tips #1

When teaching the unit called "Things we know about the human body"

don't call on the third grader who keeps muttering "testicles".

Mr. G


Anonymous said...

How do you keep from being totally discouraged at our young people and education system today? Like you I know and study the brave men and women of the civil war era. We are nothing like them! I find myself being very discouraged and was wondering how you deal with it.

FL Deputy

mannie said...

FL Deputy,

I'm an optimist with a sense of humor.

The kids I encounter every day are the same as I was at their age: funny knuckleheads who actually do enjoy learning.

My job.even as a substitute, is to just keep the ball rolling...forward.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mannie ... I enjoy this site very much as I've been to many of the places you profile including the Sheperdstown battle site. I appreciate your efforts! I hope to be out of the tropics one day soon and be in an area like that where I can research and enjoy more civil war history.

FL Deputy

Anonymous said...

Manny I love your stories about the kids when you substitute. I taught for over 30 years some of those years as a sub. Kids always make great stories. You can't make up what they say. I still say my favorite was the kid that said to me, "He hit me back first." He expected me to do something about that!! Keep the stories coming.
Love the battlefield pictures and stories too.