Saturday, January 19, 2008

Something I'm working on.

Do click on the image.

This is for a kid's activity booklet I'm writing and illustrating. This maze goes along with a story about a young girl who is "skedaddleing" to Greencastle and the people and problems she encounters along the way.

Ranger Mannie


Anonymous said...

So that's why it seems to take me so long to get home.

John C. Nicholas

Jenny said...

Mannie, that's awesome!

(Can I include you in my blogroll? I keep meaning to ask.)

Drew W. said...

Hey, I found the solution to the puzzle wrapped up in some old cigars.

Anonymous said...

so the Rebs own Mary Land and the Yanks are in PA and the maze is no man's land...but I solved that really who gets after who here and where do they do they meet?

Jim T.
Orleans County, NY

Anonymous said...

Mannie, I think that is one fantastic learning tool. I only wish I had something like it when I was young. Did you draw it too?

I love it. Good for you.

Rick Allen