Saturday, May 03, 2008

Ghosts: I was wrong, they were right!

I took this photo today through the window of the Sherrick House.

Clearly, the ghost of Milton Berle can be seen walking the lonely hallways of this historic house.

I'm following up on a reported spotting of Ernie Kovacs at the Otto House.

A skeptic no longer,



Anonymous said...

So Mannie what is this really?

John C. Nicholas

mannie said...


It's y favorite picture of Milton Berle superimposed over a shot of the interior of the Sherrick House.

Now I've ruined it for all of the true believers.


John Cummings said...

Aw, Mannie, please tell me you weren't kidding about the Ernie Kovacs sighting, were you? I was about to make it a road trip! (and do you realize how few of us are out there that even know who Kovacs was?)