Saturday, April 04, 2009

Park Day 2009

Let's Work Together!

Today was Park Day at our nation's National Parks. Here's some scenes of eager volunteers helping to replant the East Wood to its Civil War era boundaries.

Debbie registers volunteers as they came rolling in early this a.m.

Tree-planters assemble just south of the East Woods.

Volunteers come in all sizes.

Tools of the trade await the budding arborists.

Joe instructs eager learners in the basics.

Shovelers Post!

Handle with care.

Wind-blown hair.

New trees in the shadow of history.

Joe Calzerette oversees a great day's work by some fantastic volunteers!

The historic East Woods looks to its future.

Park Day, join us next year.

Now here's a little movie I edited this evening of Park Day activities I've been getting footage of for the past three years.  I hope you enjoy it.

for the volunteers!

Ranger Mannie

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TraceyM said...

It was great to see you yesterday, Mannie, and to be a part of this event! I really enjoyed it and despite the wind, it was perfect tree planting weather. I think we made excellent progress in replanting the East Woods and I look forward to coming back and planting more.

A nice bonus was the afternoon "Irish Brigade" hike led by Ranger Mike Gamble. A great way to end a perfect day!

Thanks to everyone on the staff at the battlefield and CWPT for putting this together.

Tracey M.