Saturday, September 13, 2014


I have only three working days left at Frederick Douglass National Historic Site (FRDO).
Although I'm not in to historic homes, I have enjoyed the experience.  I've met some really good people there and I expanded my knowledge of a really great American - Frederick Douglass.  I'll be forever grateful to Julie the site manager for giving me that position.  As I was leaving Antietam I was scrambling for a place to land.  The only spot available was at FRDO, and Julie really bailed me out of a tight situation.

                                                       (I didn't take this photo, by the way, I just pulled it off google)

I start on the National Mall (NAMA) on September 22nd.  The first two weeks will be orientation and training, which I'm really looking forward to.  From rangers who work there and who have worked there I've consistently been told two things about the job; the first is that "it is what you make it" and the second refrain is "its really fun".  I plan on making it a really great experience.

I look at this as a stepping stone on the long trip back to Antietam, which I think will happen some day.

I know that I'll be taking lots of pictures which I'll be posting here.  I just want to get started.

See you soon.

From just north of Boonsboro,
Ranger Mannie


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Anonymous said...

How's that commute? Still 3 hours? 😳