Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Join the Ranger!

I love this time of year. The Ranger-led tour season begins again at Antietam National Battlefield this Weekend.

Join me on Saturday at 1:30 for the first two-hour tour of the new season.

Wear sturdy shoes!

Ranger Mannie


Anonymous said...

Enjoy all of your postings. Lets us know what's happening at Antietam. Question! You've posted that the spring walks begin this Saturday (mar 24???). Antietam NPS website shows all walks as being on Sundays the rest of the spring. Will there be any walks on Saturdays? Sundays are not good for us church goers.
Ron Dickey

mannie said...


I'm referring to the two-hour tours, which will initially run on Saturdays and Sundays, then as the season gets into full swing (June ish) we'll be doing them twice daily.

What you refer to are the special hikes. And your point about church-goers is well taken.

Although I stick to my disclaimer regarding my site not reflecting the opinions or policies of my various employers (;know, the boiler-plate blah blah blah), I definately will pass on your concern to those in decision making positions.

Thanks for the comment


Michael Aubrecht said...

You know I'll be there. REALLY Looking forward to it. (Been reading up and have lots of questions.)