Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Roulette Farm on the eve of Spring

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go down to the historic Roulete Farm do make some sketches for the new natural history teacher's packet. The recent snowfall, which actually closed the park last Thursday, was well into a thaw by yesterday morning.

Following the sound of the gurgling water...

the Roulette spring was like a silver ribbon in the melting snow. The grass at the water's edge is already surprisingly green.

Other plants seem indifferent to the winter conditions,

like the lichens on the weathered stone wall bordering the farm.

The Roulette nature trail is used by scout troops or science teachers who bring school groups to the park. Many visitors overlook this gem and the vistas that this nice hike provides.

The next time you come to the park, take that long walk down the Roulette farm lane. Enjoy the rewards of this brisk walk, the hidden battlefield vistas, the magnificent sycamore trees that tower over the Roulette pond, and the benefits of a little exercise.

The hike will be good for your heart as well as your soul.

Here's hoping that Spring will stick around this time...

just north of Sharpsburg.

Ranger Mannie

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