Monday, April 14, 2014

Victory Lap and Fare-thee-well

This was a beautiful morning to take one last hike in the park.  I've been walking these trails for eight years now, usually with my camera and always on the lookout for the things that make this place so special.

You'd think that after so many years I'd have run out of special moments here, but every walk upon the battlefield brings something new - today it was the frogs singing from the Roulette pond.  Every day something new, every day another view.  I never know what to expect when I mount the steps to the observation room - the valley, Elk Ridge, and South Mountain never look the same way twice.  I'll miss giving programs in that room with visitors in front of me and that magnificent view behind me.

I've had many wonderful experiences here.

I met, proposed to, and married my wife here.

I've made lasting friendships here.

I've learned so much here.

And some day, I hope to return here.

Best wishes, from just north of Sharpsburg,

Ranger Mannie