Thursday, January 19, 2023

My, how time does fly!

 (note: for those who are looking for my post on how to get a job as a park ranger, that is the post just previous to this one.)

Oh my gosh! I'll be graduating with a visual arts degree in May.  When one is having the time of one's life, it seems that the time just blows by.

I'll be doing the actual cap-and-gown thing in the spring, and then it's on to an English degree, and then history, and then psychology...and on, and, on and on.

I've made a lot of art over the past year and a half, and it is pretty good art at that,  I've also made lots of friends among staff, faculty, and students.  I'm having such a fulfilling time in retirement, and my wife retires in just two days.  Life is good.

I thought that I'd miss being a park ranger, and despite the fact that it was great and worthy work, I haven't looked back.  Isn't that something?  That being said, I really enjoy it when kids ask me how to get a job with the Park Service. The thought of these bright and enthusiastic young people as rangers, makes me feel that our parks will be in good hands for a long, long time.

Stay groovy, stay warm, and keep in touch.

Retired Ranger Mannie