Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Every day at Antietiam is a good day!

Sun, rain, or snow - Antietam National Battlefiled offers the visitor - or volunteer, one of the most tranquil experiences available anywhere.

Nestled between the Potomac River and the shoulder of beautiful South Mountain, the Antietam Creek Valley of Sharpsburg is characterized by rolling pastorial fields, dotted with sheep and watched over by century and a half old farmsteads with names like Otto, Mumma, and Roulette. The stone, three arch bridge spanning Antietam Creek - Burnside Bridge- provides one of the most scenic places in Maryland.

Unlike like its sister park to the north - Gettysburg, Antietam National Battlefield has not been encroached upon by over-developement, chicken stands, fudge and tee shirt shops, or tacky art galleries. The people of Sharpsburg and the staff of the park have worked as partners over the years to preserve the beauty of the area and the integrity of the village and battlefield.

Antietam is not overly marked either. There are far fewer monuments and statues than at Gettysburg, but those that do grace the terrain are very beautiful and thoughtful testimonials not only to the people and deeds they honor but also to the sculptors and artists who created them. Fewer monuments allow the eye of the visitor to fall upon scenery undisturbed by intrusion, providing viewscapes that are identical to those of 1862.

This is a beautiful place. Come visit.

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