Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bruce Catton: an appreciation

The Civil War's master storyteller responded to the fan mail of this (once) nine-year-old reader with a friendly letter and a complimentary copy of "This Hallowed Ground". With his light touch and his affinity for all things Michigan, he helped start me on a journey that continues to this day.

As a Civil War historian, author, and storyteller, he left behind very large shoes to fill.

Take a few weekends to revisit the classics, by Bruce Catton.

Happy reading,



Anonymous said...

Say what you will of Catton's skill as a historian, he was one fine writer! His style is sorely missed. The current crop of Civil War authors all pale in comparison. I get the impression that academic historians view writing in an engaging, moving manner as a fault rather than a strength. And those few amateurs who are true wordsmiths seem too prone to not letting the facts get in the way of a good story.

dw said...


What a great blog -- I've only just discovered it. Bruce Catton is responsible for kick-starting a life-long fascination with the Civil War in a great many readers. Including many in the academy who may be loathe to admit his great influence. That's really neat that you have a letter from him. I inherited a signed copy of "Stillness at Appomattox," a brilliant work.

Keep up the good work. It's infectious to read the musings of someone who loves his job. The photos are a nice touch.

Dave Woodbury