Monday, December 25, 2006

Images of a Wonderful Year (click on pix to enlarge)

Please indulge me as I post (or re-post) some of my favorite images of 2006. This event that I call "My Year of Living Rangerously" has, in fact, been a dream come true for me. Come along with me as I look back at this milestone year with some photos that really seem to symbolize the fun, delight, and affirmation of my move from Michigan to the heart of Civil War country.

Great eye contact and a farbylicious tattoo.

The Sultans of Stabilization, The Rajahs of Restoration, the Centurions of Conservation. K.C., Kevin, and Travis, all with the parks Cultural Resources Division, are just three of the many individuals who provide their time and talent to keep Antietam National Battlefield a living legacy for this, and future, generations.

Fog plus web. Battery included.

I hope that we'll see these young stewards of history, suited up as rangers one fine day.

The New York Monument: Four Views
Early morning.

Distorted by rain on a window pane.

By moonlight.

As seen by my talented artist wife (

Here's a real conversation starter.

Lanterns mustered for the torchlight tour.

My good friend Ranger Hoptak. He and I entered the Service this summer. We're two lucky rangers. Check out his outstanding blog at:

Is the Mumma Farmstead what Bing Crosby was singing about for so long? "When the blue of the night meets the gold of the day..."

One morning at Gettysburg, I felt a tugging at my pant leg.

My very cool daughter, March, visiting us from Michigan.

That bird again.

Salute to Independence. Well, here's a very nice picture indeed!

Artillery Weekend.

"Are we having fun yet?" Thrilled kids in the rain outside of Dunker Church.

No, not a particularly good shot, but the very good company that I keep these days. Me with Ranger Keith and Ranger Brian just prior to Battle Anniversary weekend. I'm very proud to work with the many dedicated and wonderful professionals who continually work to make this National Park relevant to tens of thousands of visitors every year.

Join us in 2007.

Happy New Year everyone.

Ranger Mannie

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