Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Museum of the Discomfortcy

I understand that the Museum of the Confederacy is not only moving (maybe), but also considering changing its name and leaving out the word "Confederacy".

That's like when Kentucky Fried Chicken changed over to KFC to get that nasty word "fried" out of its advertising as well as the public consciousness, though not, perhaps, its arteries.

Now "Confederacy" has become a word to be banished.

I'm an unreconstructed Yankee from the wilds of Michigan, but even I think this idea of losing the "C-word" is a little goofy.

By the way, I think I just coined the phrase "C-word".

It behooves us, the Civil War enthusiasts, scholars, and hangers-on, to come up with a new name for the former Museum of the C-word.

I'll start the list.

1. The Lee's hat museum

2. The museum of a strangely uncomfortable disconnection with the past.

3. The museum of Stuart and Lee's hats

4. The museum of some stuff that we found over there that we are strangely uncomfortable about.

5. The Lexington Convention and Visitor's Center wayside exhibit of some of our noteworthy former residents.

6. The museum of staunchly ambivalent feelings toward...hey, look at that bright shiny thing!

7. The spooky UDC lady shrine.

8. The black Confederates and their more upwardly mobile comrades-in-arms bookstore.

9. Kentucky Fried Chicken

And gosh, the whole idea of "naming rights" just popped into my head.

how about the "Citibank/Toyota heritageplex"?

Your turn.

Make my history extra crispy please.

Ranger Mannie (it's the fever talking, not me)


Anonymous said...

Oh this is going to be fun. . .
How about
-The Museum of Lost Mythology?
-The Museum of States'Rights to Own People?
-The American Heritage Not Hate Museum?
-Gods and Generals Museum?

Joshua blair said...


Museum of the Lost Cause

Museum of Rebeldom

Museum of the Defeated Country during The War Against Northern Aggression

Museum of the States Formerly Known as the Confederacy

Museum of the Government Established by the Southern States of the United States after their Secession from the Union

Perhaps Manny, you are on to something. Maybe they can do what Kentucky Fried Chicken did. Abbreviate the undesirable word…Museum of the CSA.


Brian Downey said...

You're right, Mannie, it's just goofy. Perhaps common sense will prevail among the museum management.