Wednesday, April 04, 2007

April Fool: asking for trouble

I just got an emil from Harry Smeltzer asking why my April 1st post was up only briefly.

Over the last two days my wife and I had a new septic tank and drain field installed in our back yard. As a spoof she took some pics of me "discovering" Civil War ordnance in the excavated clay piles of the backyard. The shells were from my collection. and the pics were convincing. The narrative was how annoyingly common most ACW relics are here on South Mountain, "Seems I can't even turn a spade to plant some bulbs without unearthing two or three burton balls or shell fragments"

I concluded by noting that at least shells could fetch 75 cents a pound at the recycling place in Frederick MD. And I closed by wishing everyone a happy April Fools Day.

I deleted the post at two o'clock this morning.

Here's my response to Harry's e-mail:


"...I'm glad you liked my April Fools post.

Here's why I took it down:
Sometimes I forget that posting to a blog is very different than emailing a list of friends. The information goes out to anyone and everyone, including the humor impaired.

I can just see this headline coming back to bite me:

"Park Ranger sells artifacts for scrap in a colossal example of government waste and bad role modeling".

I don't need the aggrivation, but I'm glad you got the joke,"


It was pretty funny though.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I thought that post was hysterical.
You had me going for a moment.
I see your point about the humor impaired, though!
Mike Fitzpatrick