Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The deal with that flag.

Frequently, I'll have a visitor come up to the counter and ask:

"So what's the deal with that flag in the wall at the cemetery?'

This is the flag in question.

Apparently we get these questions so often because this stone flag is referenced in the hobby of "geo-cacheing".

The second question is invariably:

"Why is the flag backwards?"

And when the wind is blowing from the north, I can point out the window at the park's flagpole and respond:

"You mean like that one?"

Carved in stone by a WPA worker when the wall was restored in the 1930s, little is known about this piece of artistic and patriotic whimsey. I like to think (and this is just conjecture) that some long-forgotten, WPA stone mason did it during his lunch hours to leave his own mark on history.

I wonder how I'll leave my mark.

Ranger Mannie

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armed_citizen said...

So what is the deal with the flag (assuming there is one)? I am a geocacher who visited this site (among others) on 4/21 and your blog entry was at the top of my Google search results when I tried to find out more about it. Does it have any known significance?