Sunday, May 13, 2007

Antietam foxes

The fox kits are emerging on the battlefield. One was spotted above Burnside Bridge this afternoon and as I was leaving the building ranger Brian called me from his cel phone about three more. On my way out I grabbed a camera, drove to a nice vantage point, and started clicking away.

I must have watched them frolicking around for about twenty minutes. I also pointed them out to thrilled park visitors as they drove by. Everyone stopped and was mesmerized with delight as we watched these little battlefield residents get familiar with their surroundings.

I love spring at Antietam.

Wishing I had a long lens, just north of Sharpsburg.

Ranger Mannie


Kevin said...

Wonderful pictures Mannie.

Don said...

Great pictures, Manny! My wife had never seen kits before, only adults. Thanks for sharing.