Monday, June 18, 2007

Whaddya' mean "yankee bias"

If I'm ever accused of letting my northern roots drive my battle interpretation by giving short shrift to the Confederate side I'll be able to quickly quash the accusation.

John Hoptak startled me when he barged into my walk-in closet at home and snapped this picture.

How he found the secret sliding door behind the fireplace is anybody's guess.

Ranger Mannie

(I hope he didn't make it down to the cellar)

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John David Hoptak said...

Don't be so sure I did not make my way into your cellar. . .
Does a shirt with the phrase: "Lee surrendered, I didn't" ring a bell? How about: "If this flag offends you, study American history"? Or. . ."Keep the South Beautiful...Put a Yankee on a Bus"?