Friday, July 13, 2007

Such a beautiful day

A change in the weather brought cooler temperatures and blew all the haze out of the valley. The clouds were high and wispy, sky blue, and mountains stood out in high relief. A beautiful morning to be at Antietam.

Ranger Brian and I did a hike that followed the advance and repulse of Greene's Division, which was very instructive, and like Greene's men, we covered a lot of ground.

After lunch I got ready for the 1:30 tour. I had 64 people in 22 cars following me throughout the park. I think I picked up a couple more people at each stop. It was great.

I had three NPS rangers riding with me. They were at the park as part of "Fundamentals" training. A service-wide program of professional development which has rangers traveling to various parks attending workshops, seminars, etc. Fundamentals I is held at the Grand Canyon every year and provides an opportunity for newly hired (permanent) rangers to learn the history and lore (fundamentals) of the National Park Service and to welcome them into the service. Sounds pretty cool.

It was nice meeting three rangers from other parks and getting their feedback.

Here are some pictures of the park on a perfect Thursday morning:

The four-gun battery under a high, blue ceiling.

Breakfast with a park resident.

The East Woods framed by thistles.

An altogether perfect day,

just north of Sharpsburg.

Ranger Mannie


Anonymous said...

Actually, Fundamentals is open to seasonal employees as well. You're doing the same job, and should have the same knowledge of NPS history and goals. Maybe you could convince your supervisor to send you?

Kevin said...

Beautiful photographs Mannie. Hopefully, I will be able to get back soon. In fact at some point I would like to talk to you about arranging for a school trip of roughly 10 students who will be taking my class on Lincoln in the Fall semester. The idea would be to arrange for a tour that focused on the battle, but also Lincoln's visit.