Saturday, August 18, 2007

Confederates, and the Attic

Weekends have been action-packed at Antietam National Battlefield this summer. Last weekend we had Living historians portraying the 27 Virginia at the park, here looking pretty fierce during a bayonet charge.

We also had the Union gun detatchment from South Mountain Battlefield, set up at the Pry House providing loading and firing demonstrations. These guys, under the direction of Maryland State Parks Ranger Al Preston, are as professional as they get.

(watch for the Youtube soon).

This weekend found the 9th LA infantry Regiment just West of the Cornfield...

and, no less a celebrity than James Longstreet himself, camped out at the Pry House.

As for me I took the opportunity to tiptoe up the Pry House staircase into the attic...

pop through the trap door in the roof,

and get a breathtaking view...

clear back to 1862!

The evening ended with an even better view, from my deck, nestled on the shoulder of beautiful South Mountain.

Have I mentioned how good life is?

Sweet dreams,

Ranger Mannie


Anonymous said...

Mannie, thanks for allowing me to explore places like the Pry house with you. I've been there many times but only on the outside. I very much enjoy posts like this one.

Barry Hill
Lakeland, FL

Anonymous said...

By the way, in which room did Gen'l Richardson pass away? I know Pres. Lincoln visited him there after the battle.

Barry Hill
Lakeland, FL

Anonymous said...

Mannie, you should have to pay for such a lifestyle.

I'm taking all contributions - please send the checks directly to me :)


Anonymous said...

That's an awesome sunset. I've never actually been in Sharpsburg at sunrise or sunset. I'm hoping to make a trip down from Gettysburg next weekend. Maybe I'll just have to stay for one. :)