Monday, September 17, 2007

Ranger Mannie receives Medal of Honor...

from park superintendent John Howard, for safe keeping in a display case.

The final act of battle anniversary occurred this evening as the Medal of Honor awarded to 1st Lt. George W Hooker, 4th Vermont Infantry, was donated to Antietam National Battlefield by Lt. Hooker's descendant, Mr. Henry Willard.

Hooker's valor at the battle of Crampton's Gap during the 1862 Maryland Campaign resulted in his being awarded our nation's highest military decoration.

The evening's program included remarks by local luminaries including park historian Ted Alexander.

It was a wonderful close to an indredibly satisfying four days.

I'll post more tomorrow, but now a cold barley based beverage and a good foot soak are the priority after a very long day.

nite all,

Ranger Mannie

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