Saturday, November 03, 2007

Actual Ghosts spotted at crazy people.

It must be the proximity of Halloween and the shortness of the days that are bringing out the ghost questions.

"How much paranormal activity are you experiencing on this battlefield, this year?"

Ahh, "this year" gosh, let me check the records...I think natural resources keeps those numbers...I'm pretty sure that I can come up with the 2003 numbers...hmmm...

"How often do you see the ghosts that are under Burnside's Bridge?"

"When is the best time to photograph paranormal activity?"

"Where is the best place to see ghosts?"

What is the deal? Everyone knows, especially the walking spirits of the dead, that the venue for ghosts and ghost spotting is Gettysburg. They've got, what?, ten ghost tour operators up there now.

Antietam ghosts have all left for G'burg, that's where the big money is. The last legitimately identified Antietam ghost, a young Confederate captain, was heard to say (by a startled visitor), "This brother's heading for PA, where a guy can make a buck on being dead".

We don't have ghosts at Antietam. No ghosts. None. What we have is the reality of a remarkable story of actual Americans engaged in a turning point of our Civil War.

That should be good enough.

Sleep tight,

Ranger Mannie


Anonymous said...

Dear Manny:
I enjoyed meeting you last Spring on the Nicodemus Heights Ranger Walk. I have since become a big fan of "My Year of Living Rangerously" and have recommended it to a number of my friends and customers.
I know a number of my Gettysburg Ranger friends are not a fan of the ghost programs (excuse the name dropping) including John L., Eric Campbell and seasonal Chuck Teague.
I also have to admit that while the great majority of my time at Gettysburg is spent on the historical and military topics, I have smelled, heard and seen things I can't explain. You wlll have to talk to me about that sometime.

Fin said...

Dear Ranger Manny,

I'm pretty much like you in regard to "ghosts", and I'd take an awful lot of convincing.

However, I visited Antietam in 2008and stayed with friends in Hagerstown, next to where there was a barn which sheltered some wounded in 1862.

Their house is relatively new but the frequent "visitors" are not. Two Confederate soldiers appear from time to time, inside and out, never threateningly although the dog is petrified. Always well mannered, too, lifting their hats in greeting. Their lower legs are indistinct,and one chap is quite tall, the other of short stature.

Both my friends and myself are sensible, levelled headed, university educated people who hold professional status of great respect.

I cannot explain what is seen there, I did not experience it nor did I ever feel uneasy.

I live on the other side of the world, but hope to make a return journey before too long. I know this thread is years old, but here's hoping, Manny!