Sunday, December 23, 2007

Changing panorama

The weather was so crazy today.

When I arrived at the park this morning the whole valley was shrouded in fog, later it became overcast and very rainy, then the sun came out, then the wind started and brought back the rain, followed by a mix of brilliant sunshine with menacing clouds and isolated showers...spawning rainbows (four over the course of the afternoon).

The final view of the afternoon produced this beautiful full moon over the Mumma farmstead.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, I'll be the lone ranger at the visitor center. I'm hoping for good photos.

Happy holidays to all!

Ranger Mannie


Jim Beeghley said...

Merry Christmas Ranger Mannie!

Jim Beeghley and Family

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Mannie , thanks for a year of great postings which make the park so real and interesting. The rainbow pictures are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Today was beautiful at the Park. Glad my son and I stopped in to hear your talk. Both of us enjoyed the Joseph Poffenberger. Thanks for the recommendation to stop there and check it out.The NPS is luck to have you on staff. Merry Christmas and have a super New Year of living Rangerously.
Ron Dickey