Saturday, December 08, 2007

Ranger Dan makes my day

Today I received this comment from a fellow NPS Ranger :


I was a presenter at the recent Northeast region's Chief of Interpretation conference in Providence RI. My topic was called "Distance Visitors: Best practices of using the internet to reach visitors outside of the park." The reason I am telling you this is because I used your blog and USS Sullivans YouTube videos as examples of different ways to reach these visitors. I showed the audience your blog and how you were able to promote the work of all of the park's divisions in addition to generating interest in areas of the park that are not easily accessible, but equally important. With the YouTube videos, I showed the possibilities of reaching new audiences that may not go to park websites. The YouTube videos can generate an interest in the subject and potentially direct the user to the park website and eventually the park. I think your internet projects impressed a lot of people. I know it influenced me. I started to post to YouTube under the name rangerdan2 to test the waters.

Keep up the good work

Ranger Dan

For a seasonal ranger, this is a real mood elevator.


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