Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Values Clarification...

(photo courtesy of Harry Smeltzer)

How we define ourselves often depends upon what it is that we do.

If you had asked me six months ago what I was, or how I defined myself, I'd quickly respond "I'm a Park Ranger!"

Well, the fact is that I only Ranger one day a week...ask me how I define myself today and I'll say:

"I'm and educator, sometimes in the National Parks but mostly in the classrooms of Wasington County".

And I guess that's okay.



Michael Aubrecht said...

No matter where you are teaching Mannie (on the battlefield, or in the classroom) those in attendance are most certainly blessed. You taught me a great deal and I feel lucky to have met you. Now whether or not you give too much homework still has yet to be determined. :)

Anonymous said...

Mannie , I like the way you think. I have been retired for seven years and still consider my self a teacher. I teach every chance I get , just not in a classroom anymore. I bet you are one of the best!!!