Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Another piece in my patch-work career

Hey, check it out:

I'm now an official tour guide for the Western Maryland Interpretive Association, the latest link in this new career of mine.

The tour program is in its second year and is really developing a critical mass. We've about a dozen guides, and we're staying pretty busy during the tourist season. Click HERE to find out about booking tours at Antietam.

Today I gave a tour of Harpers Ferry and Antietam to a group of 40 high-schoolers from Manhattan Beach California.

Here's a shot of Harpers Ferry on Saturday when I went to scout out logistics.

What a pleasant day it was.

This was Harpers Ferry this morning as I guided those forty kids from sunny Southern California through town,

Welcome to the sunny south, kids!

Fortunately they were all very good sports. Conditions at Harpers Ferry were pretty frigid, so we pulled the plug early, got back on the warm bus and headed for lunch and Antietam (between snowball fights).

At Antietam I gave them a 30 minute program in the warmth of the observation room and then we toured the battlefield in the toasty motorcoach while I gave commentary over the microphone.

Of course I just had to have them get out one last time for...

and they seemed to think the view was indeed worth the chill.

It was a fun day for all of us (and a pay check for me).

Here's one last glimpse of a very pretty Harpers Ferry:

At your service,

tour guide Mannie


Richard said...

Harpers Ferry and the Antietam battlefield was even more snow covered on my first visit. It was the scheduled date for the Illumination in 2003 and a blizzard hit the whole area. You may have seen it in my you tube presentation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbrgSnHmcIc
I am glad you got them to the crest of the hill to see Burnsides Bridge. It will be a moment they will always remember. I know I do.
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Mannie those kids from here in Southern California had a real education in what the other part of the country experience in winter. We are cold when it drops to 50 . They were also lucky to have you as their tour guide. What a great experience.