Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Back to Piper Lane

Last Sunday was a warm and clear day at the park. I found myself with a little time on my hands so volunteer John and I hopped in the park station wagon to explore the Piper Lane.

Piper Lane at Antietam National Battlefield runs parallel to the Sunken Road, one quarter mile to the SOUTH (thanks for catching that HankC).

Walking the lane you get the feeling that yours are the only boots that have trod this lane in generations.

(photo courtesy John Nicholas)

Piper Lane is slated for some restoration work, which I can only assume means removing fallen branches and replacing fences, otherwise it seems pretty untouched.

The lane affords great vistas including the heights above the Sunken Road to the north...
as well as the ever-reliable observation tower.

It is a wonderful and evocative place; and it's all yours, just north of Sharpsburg.

Come see for yourself!

Ranger Mannie


Anonymous said...

is the piper lane north or south of the sunken road?

Anonymous said...

Mannie, I'm planning on making a trip alone to Antietam and Shepherdstown sometime this spring to do some serious battlefield hopping and investigating on foot and behind the scenes. I'm a serious follower of your blog and would very much enjoy meeting you in person. Would this be possible? My email address is: Let me know!

FL Deputy

Dan said...

Daggone it if I didnt finally find it...I am just so much better organized with this computer than with my little bits of paper everywhere..from the sound of your upcoming trip it must be warm and close to spring there...still on the mountain here...I finally have a pretty good lay of the land there tks to Google Earth..kool