Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Teaching in these days

Political pundits concern themselves with the realm of qualified voters, as a result they're missing out on a lot of excitement.

This unique political year has elementary school rooms buzzing. Its really exciting to see little kids ranking certain presidential candidates as nearly as important as pets, video games, and professional wrestlers.

Perhaps the future has finally arrived.



Anonymous said...

Well at least they have their priorities in the right order:)

Steve Keating

Crowwatcher said...

I saw Obama (and John Edwards) last night as they broke the record for the largest free event at the arena in Grand Rapids, MI. The Fire Marshall locked the doors at about 12,000 people sending another 1000 people home. There were thousands of young people there. The band "The Police" touring with Elvis Costello sold 7,000 tickets for Sunday's concert there.

Crowwatcher said...
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Rebecca said...

I'm interested to know which political candidate is winning among the elementary school kids demographic! :)