Saturday, May 10, 2008

Your kids are trying to kill Mr. G

As the substitute teacher days tick off toward the end of the school year, I once again find myself knocked out with a virulent kid cold.

Is someone neglecting to remind one's child to cover one's mouth when one is sneezing or coughing?

Perhaps someone out there is not instructing one's child in the correct manner, and frequency, of washing one's hands.

Mr. G is now sick and a little delirious from fever, caught from your child.

Let us hope that, while in this state of impaired judgement, Mr. G doesn't accidently reveal to said child all the funny ways one can make mommy and daddy laugh by mixing up the salt with the sugar ("watch daddy's funny coffee bogey man face!")

Have I made myself clear?

Must go lie down, and I was so very close to the last day of school.

Sick (again) just north of Sharpsburg.



Anonymous said...

Ugh! Again? I do hope you get to feeling better very soon ... again!


Anonymous said...

Yeah blame it on the kids!

John C. Nicholas

The Immortal Woman said...

I was just passing by and the tissues caught my eye! Snot nosed kids, they carry the plague!

John David Hoptak said...

Still the question remains. . .
Which is more germ-ridden? A Civil War soldiers' camp or an elementary school classroom?

Get better soon. . .