Sunday, July 27, 2008

As if there had been any doubt...

I'm a geek. My wife made that pronouncement this weekend. She was quoting her brother who got a load of my other blog Toy Soldiers Forever

In my defense let me just say that I have nothing to say in my defense.

I've  been staging the Sunken Road battle in my front yard for a week now taking many photos as it develops.

What must the neighbors think?

The results should be on TSF sometime next week (weather permitting)



Anonymous said...

Every guy's got an inner Peter Shulman!

Anonymous said...

As a fellow toy soldier enthusiast, wargamer and civil war Geek, I salute your work, Mannie!!

Spectacular staging, BTW.

Dave Powell

Mannie Gentile said...

Thanks Dave,

My new philosophy is to view every bare spot on my lawn as an opportunity rather than an eyesore.


Anonymous said...

Your poor wife ... :)

Anonymous said...

If I was your neighbor I'd be jealous becasue you obviously have the coolest yard in the neighborhood.

John C. Nicholas

Noel said...

You rock, Mannie! Didja know that garden wargaming has its own, growing history. Here's a memoir, albeit of campaigning in a different period and scale:

Mannie Gentile said...


Thanks for the URL! "Garden Wargaming" drapes the mantel of legitimacy around the nerdlyness of what I'm doing.

I like it!