Friday, July 04, 2008

New Blog on toy soldiers

I've noticed with growing alarm how posts related to toy soldiering continue to insinuate themselves into this Rangering blog,

To staunch such pollution and restore the integrity of "My Year of Living Rangerously" I've place under quarantine past, current, and future toy soldier posts to an entirely separate blog which you can access here.

"Toy Soldiers Forever" will concern itself with collecting, modifying, reviewing, and playing with 54mm ACW toy soldiers. I will post the 1st and 15 of every month. This sedate pace should make it easy to update as well as provide the type of consistency that fosters building an audience.

I've backloaded posts that will be familiar to many regular readers of My Year of Living Rangerously" and I've also added a new "Reviewing the Troops" post today.

I do hope you will stop by this new effort from time to time and leave your comments.

Blog on!



Anonymous said...

Hey, Mannie!
Those are Airfix 7th Cavalry.
They are probably the best cavalry figures out there.
Great for a Gettysburg diorama and, of course, Little Big Horn.

Mike Fitzpatrick

mannie said...


Now they are being produced and packaged by Imex.

And I agree with you, they are very good figures, however I like the Toy Soldiers of San Diego horses better.


Mike said...

If I'm not mistaken, IMEX took over the molds for the ACCURATE CW figures. They are, I think, the best sculpted ones.
But Marx evokes the most memories!
I'll never forget that
Giant battle of the Blue & Gray!

mannie said...


I was lucky enough to get that Giant Blue and Gray for my tenth birthday!