Sunday, August 10, 2008

What an action-packed weekend

This was "Technology of War weekend" at Antietam National Battlefield.  In addition to our regular slate of programing we had Berdans Sharpshooters on hand giving tactical demonstrations, volunteer Justin returned with his wonderful Army Signal Corps program, and Colonel Vince Armstrong ("Unfurl Those Colors!") brought his fabulous Civil War long arm collection to share with visitors.

The weather, for the most part looked like this:

Until late this afternoon when it looked like this (I just missed capturing the multiple lightning strikes):

Col. Armstrong captivated the crowd with his presentation "Why did they fight that way?"

Here are just a few detail shots of the various rifles Col Armstrong brought with him from his home in Tennessee: 

Our sharpshooter friends, as usual,  cut a very martial figure...

and demonstrated the ease of loading and firing a breechloader from the prone position...

contrasted with this poor infantryman...
struggling to load his muzzle-loader while lying down:

Damn you,  fickle mistress gravity!

Justin, as always was a real crowd-pleaser sending signals to the visitors with his colorful flags.

And here's  a Youtube video from two years ago that features all of the above talented volunteers.

I also made a new friend:
Aside from my TMJ (painful, ouch-filled, jaw-joint syndrome) killing me, it was a delightful weekend.

Ranger Mannie


Anonymous said...

Mannie ... after viewing your photos and posts now for over a year I have come to the conclusion that, although you're obviously a democrat, that I do like you although I do not like you because I am envious and want to live there and do what you do but aside from that I really to like you ...

mannie said...

Dear anonymous,

Why thank you.

Actually, I'm more of a Whig than a Democrat.

Best wishes,