Wednesday, September 24, 2008

First Paper

This evening I completed my first paper for my first Master's Degree class.
I refrained from using the words "paradigm", "albeit", and "moreover".
Though I did throw in a "furthermore" in memory of my dad.
Thank goodness for spell check, or "spill clerk" as I like to call it.
I'll keep you posted.


Richard said...

Moreover we would all be interested in knowing what the topic of the paper is. Albeit we can be sure that is it a topic that fits well with in the paradigm usually associated with military study in an academic setting. ~~~~ shhhh don't tell!

Anonymous said...

Mannie avoid "however" and "therefore" as well. Also avoid "as well".

John C. Nicholas

I'm off to get a "Grand Opening haircut, a "Grand Opening" oli change, and a "Grand Opening" tire rotation.

Anonymous said...

What is the topic of your first paper?

Mannie Gentile said...

The topic of the first paper was about finding the fine line between revision and denial.

The topic given us was "the Rape of Nanking" in December of 1937, which, for the most part, the government of Japan is still unwilling to own up to, and many highly placed people in the education, political, and nationalist areanas of Japan insist never happened anyway.

Its about identifying bogus takes on historical events.

It wouldn't have been my first pick of a topic, but hey, I'm just trying to get back into the college groove here.

And thanks for asking.


Anonymous said...

Best of luck ,Mannie.

Don said...

Best of luck with the paper, Manny. And, furthermore, we'll be in the topics of the rest of them, too!