Friday, January 09, 2009

Cool assignment

Re: 2009 Presidential Inauguration

I'll be Rangering on the National Mall.

Pix will follow.



Richard said...

Wow! This is big! Did you ever imagine. Living the dream bud, living the dream.

Anonymous said...

I was offered a "pass" for one of the frilly-fru-fru events being held down town. I had to "pass" on the "pass." It was one of those, "you do a lot of work for us, so let me show you how much I appreciate it..." deals. Besides breaking my personal rule about gratuities, I told the person, "I commute through beltway traffic and on the metro darn near every day, why in the world would I even consider fighting through what will be the mother of all gridlock?" The only easy way to get into down town will be via remote viewing... and even that will be crowded.

I'll just have to watch it on the live internet feeds, 40 miles away.

Anonymous said...

And outfitted with the Adrian and the bugle, on your desk in that pic? After all, you can't be too prepared. Noel

HankC said...

Just curious, will the nearby national parks, battlefields, monumnets and seachores be closed on inaugeration day?


p.s. seachores are done on destroyers ;)

Mannie Gentile said...


Good eyes. I love Adrians.


Last year I was invited to a party at the
White House, this year its the inuaguration...toto, this ain't Michigan anymore!


Where do you work?


Antietam will be open as will Harpers Ferry, there may be some closures the closer you get to downtown. I'd suggest calling any specific National Capitol Region park you may be thinking about visiting that day just to make sure.


Anonymous said...


I now serve as one of the dreaded "consultants" and work pretty much all around the beltway area.