Friday, February 27, 2009

New Antietam Blog

Hey, Check out Jim Rosebrock's Antietam blog "South  from the North Woods" (here).

Jim is a swell guy and a real asset to the volunteer cadre at the park, he's also a member of the volunteer artillery detachment profiled a couple posts ago on this blog.

(that's Jim in the foreground)

Jim's an outstanding volunteer and a really good guy who has a real appreciation for the field and has become very knowledgeable about the battle.

So stop by Jim's blog, its worth it if only to see a great picture of him standing in the 9 degree weather, dutifully waiting to provide interpretation for visitors, or snowmen, as the case may be.

Its a good looking and thoughtful blog, definitely worth a regular visit.

1 comment:

Jim Rosebrock said...

Thank you kindly for mentioning my blog. Looking forward to getting back to the Park this Sunday. See you then.

Warmest Regards