Saturday, February 07, 2009

Speaking of videos

For those of you who check in to my blog regularly (for which I thank you) you know that I've been asked to produce videos for the park's website.   The first video "The Rest is Silence" (about the illumination) went up in the late autumn just prior to the battlefield illumination.
(Click here to go to that page on the website.)

I recently completed the editing on an artillery video that explores the role of the guns during the battle and follows the step-by-step procedure of loading and firing. "Artillery at Antietam (part one) exists as a final draft and is making its way through the approval chain as I type.

I'll keep you posted as future videos come on-line.

Press the "play" arrow on the screen below to view an out-take from the artillery video; no, I don't mean "bloopers" ,artillery and bloopers are mutually exclusive, this is one of many extra clips that didn't get into the finished project.  Shot without a tripod, this scene was just a test.

I'll see you through the viewfinder, just north of Sharpsburg.


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Jonathan Scott said...

I just *now* saw that you'd commented on my post. Sorry for the belated reply.

At the King center, no, I haven't volunteered. I have, however, with Kennesaw Mountain National bBattlefield Park and - though I know it's unrelated - with Pickett's Mill Battlefield State Park.

Up until recently, my job consumed all my free time, putting a crimp on any volunteering I could do. With this economy, however, I've been laid off, so I see my schedule opening up.

Thanks for your advice, friend. I can't wait to get back up to your park as soon as possible. 2 years is far, far too long for me.