Saturday, March 14, 2009

Burnside Bridge in 25 mm

Go here to see how I spent my weekend.

One of the things I saw that really floored me was Burnside Bridge rendered in 25mm scale. It was absolutely remarkable.

The size of this construction was remarkable as was the accuracy.  This diorama makes it pretty clear that the Rebels held a pretty commanding position from the heights on the Sharpsburg side of Antietam Creek.

The Union point of view very much as it appears in the historic Alexander Gardner photo from the same angle.

One of the 51sts is making its move.

The bridge is nearly perfect, save for an important detail, which I kept to myself, not wanting to appear to be a Mr. Smarty pantz, sharpshooting, know-it-all.

Confederates, from their vantage point above the bridge.

Little did these rebs realize that there would be a parking area here one day.

And little do they realize that General Rodman's men are about to appear to their right.

The Artist, John McConnell.

It was a fun event!

Ranger Mannie


Harry said...

Ahhh - the characteristic conical buttresses!

Mannie Gentile said...

Good eyes Harry!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that no doubt took a great deal of work on Mr. Mcconnell's part although, as stated above, the bridge is missing some detail.

Hey, Mannie, I've volunteered to assist with the reforestation effort in the East Woods when I visit next on on April 11!


Chris Evans said...

I've always liked the anecdote about the 51st Pennsylvania when they were ordered to make the attack they asked ," Will you give us our whiskey, colonel, if we take it." "Yes ,by god, you shall have all you want."
I really do love the spirit of those men, North and South.

Jen said...

That is amazing. I just want to stare at that thing for hours.

John McConnell said...

Believe it or not, I didn't find your Blog for two years, and then only when my buddy who did half the work told me about it! His name is John Wilk, and his contributions included making all of the trees, painting half the figures, and helping with building the fences, as well as helping me work through the planning stages of the project.