Friday, March 27, 2009

Landscape Revealed by Fire

Wednesday's prescribed burn of the Otto acreage along Branch Avenue left a "Landscape Turned Black",  though within two weeks you can bet it'll be green as a meadow again. Today I took a drive over there to take a look around, now that the smoke had cleared, so to speak.

Note the precise lines that indicate this was a prescribed burn and not a wildfire. A lot of planning and alert attention to detail must go into an operation like this.

I always love trekking burned-over areas to discover what lays hidden beneath the brush.

Things like:

rock ledges,

tiny, tiny spiderwebs (where was he hiding during the blaze?),

last year's snail shells,

deer antlers,

bones bleached by a couple of summers of sunlight,

unexpected points of view,

and a very precise deer crossing.

One must look quickly, as Spring is hard at work covering it up again.

The things I get to see on a daily basis, Just north of Sharpsburg.



King Cas said...

you sure know how to make a guy want to move to Sharpsburg.
I,and many others I am sure, am very grateful for the images you share with us here on your blog.

Anonymous said...

The same section was burned last year, about this time was it not? I assume this is part of a process to eradicate the unwated growth over time without the use of something radioactive.


Mannie Gentile said...

King Caspian,
It is my pleasure, believe me.

You are correct on all counts. The effort is to eradicate invasive species and establish habitat for native grasses. At the same time it provides a valuable training opportunity for firefighters from many parks in the region.

You my note that the burn this year was much more complete as many, many invasive cedar trees had been removed since the last burn, giving the fire much more access to the nooks and crannies of the landscape.

Expect to see it greened-up by the middle of next week.