Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Speaking of maps...

This is me, last week, working on the map for the new larger-sized park brochure.  We'll need to design a bigger counter.



Gary Dombrowski said...

Mannie, WOW! that's going to be one huge brochure.

Gary Dombrowski said...
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Stephen Keating said...

I'll need a flatbed truck just to lug that around. What's the scale?

Unknown said...

Will it fold up and fit into the Passport Stamp book? Cool.

Mannie Gentile said...

Okay,okay, its part of a kids program for the upcoming school year.

Gary Dombrowski said...

Mannie, kidding aside This looks like it'll be one nifty learning tool for the youngsters. Nothing like a neat visual to educate and inspire. ~Gary

xan said...

Yo, Mannie, did you see the jobs announcement at Harpers Ferry??

This was clearly designed with you in mind. Hie thee down the road posthaste and grab it:

New Media Technology Specialist
Department Of The Interior: National Park Service Job Announcement:
SALARY RANGE: 86,927.00 - 113,007.00 USD /year
OPEN PERIOD: Tuesday, June 23 2009
to Tuesday, July 14, 2009
SERIES & GRADE: GS-1001-13
POSITION INFORMATION: Full Time Career/Career Conditional
This position is located in the Office of Media Development-Quality & Innovation, Center for Media Services, Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. This position serves as the Service wide Technology Coordinator for Interpretation and Education and works in collaboration with parks and regions to develop and produce an array of media products in support of the mission of the National Park Service.

Friend just pointed it out to me on another board, somehow I missed it on the Morning Report. Don't make me come up there and drag you by the ear young man. :)