Wednesday, December 09, 2009

A Snowy Illumination Day

On Illumination morning the Valley awoke to a blanket of snow.

Upon arrival at the Battlefield the Park roads were already being cleared by the Maintenance Division,

and the Park looked absolutely beautiful.

Volunteers had been out already for hours laying out the Luminaria.

Without these many hundreds of dedicated and hardy volunteers, this program simply wouldn't be possible.

The grids of luminaria were taking shape as the snow continued to fall.

One girl had the perfect shelter under a large golf umbrella.  It kept off the snow but it was still quite cold.

I saw a group of much warmer Boyscouts with steaming cups of something good...

Being doled out by an adult leader.

Their work done for another year, the volunteers piled up empty cartons for pickup by maintenance folks.

And I went looking for a hot meal of my own.

Regardless of the season, Antietam National Battlefield is a place of great beauty and meaning.  Come join me...

just north of Sharpsburg,

Ranger Mannie


Anonymous said...


Absolutely incredible photos! Wish I couldve been there to see that place under a blanket of white! It's hard to grasp as I sit here with my a/c on.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely love the pic with the snow covered cannon!

Jeff from Point of Rocks

Unknown said...

I was at the Pry House volunteering for the NMCWM and there were Boy Scouts sleeping out back in snow covered tents! We offered them the use of the barn but they declined. My hat is off to this hearty bunch of youngsters who braved the cold to honor the soldiers at Antietam.

Jackson said...


Thanks for the photos. Ever since I came out in 2007 to visit Antietam I've wanted to come out and volunteer for the Illumination. Maybe next year.

Freezing in Wisconsin,


Unknown said...

Beautiful. Just beautiful.