Monday, January 25, 2010

Note to Henry Kyd Douglas...

try crossing this in a "hop, skip, and a jump"

The rains overnight and this morning have Antietam Creek running high, fast, and the color that Ranger Hoptak likes his coffee.

This day which started out so wet and windy ended up sunny and mild, and though we can't start pretending that its anything but the middle of winter, nonetheless, as someone I used to know always said: "spring is where you find it".

I found it today...
just outside of Sharpsburg.

Ranger Mannie


Anonymous said...

I discovered some new watercourses today on the Gettysburg battlefield.

John C. Nicholas

Unknown said...

Any idea what the gauging station just down stream registered?

Mannie Gentile said...


I didn't think to go look.