Sunday, March 14, 2010

Creek's goin' up as winter's goin' down!


I expected to see Mickey Dolenz floating by today.

 Antietam Creek is way up in a springtime flood brought on by 24 hours of rain and the last of the snow coming off the mountains.  Ranger Brian and I hopped in a park vehicle to check out the action at Burnside Bridge, with these pix as a result.

Brian, with the very wide, fast, and deep Antietam Creek in the valley below.

Creek's up!

Looking upstream, the creeks banks are strictly academic.

Downstream, its hard to tell where the creek ends and the historic trace begins.  Note tree damage from the 48-hour windstorm just ended.

The Ninth Corps side of the bridge with water approaching the hub of the gun.  We've all seen that gun completely submerged in previous floods.  This is water you want to steer clear of, it's cold, fast, and strong, and with flooded banks it's impossible to tell where the drop-off is.  

I shudder to think how foolhardiness would fare against this.

Keep your socks dry, and stay on the pavement today.

Mannie (high and dry just north of you-know-where)

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Anonymous said...

I really wish somebody would move that gun.

John C. Nicholas