Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Three Cheers for the Volunteers!

Driving past the Mumma barn this weekend I saw the doors wide open and plenty of hubbub afoot, so I decided to nose around.

The joint was positively jumpin' with a whole bunch of scouts and adult supervision.

The focus of all their attention and energy were our limber and twelve pounder light gun howitzer that we use for artillery demonstrations.

Lots of TLC and elbow grease were being applied to rehab gun tube, carriage, and limber.

Ernest workers were abundant...

as was supervision.

Parents pitched in too.

The bronze was polished and buffed to a brilliance.

Came the time to flip the carriage and extra help in green and gray was rounded up and, Suribachi-style, the carriage went up,


and over.  Resplendent in its new coats of primer and paint.

Tools of the trade for willing and enthusiastic volunteers,

And the fruit of their labor sounds off its thanks!

Like Ranger Keith always says: "Volunteers are the strength of the service!"

I couldn't agree more.

Ranger Mannie


Unknown said...

Do the Scouts-gunsmiths know about the new Scout Ranger Badge? Looks like they earned quite a few of the required 10 hours.

John said...

Also, reference the Scouts...was thsi a general Troop service project or was this part of one Scout's Eagle Project?

Thanks from a Scoutmaster and Civil War enthusiast from outside of Petersburg, VA.

Mannie Gentile said...

This was an Eagle project. Marianne, i don't know but I'll pass that on to our volunteer manager.