Wednesday, September 22, 2010

On the Town! Rangers Gentile and Hoptak.

My two favorite Park Rangers swung by the Naval History Center in Washington DC this morning.

The USS Barry, a Vietnam-era destroyer remains at the Navy Yard as a ceremonial platform and museum ship. 

The Yard has cannons everywhere and I got into a hasty arms escalation with John...

who thought he had trumped me with this sixteen-incher,

until I opted for quality and quantity.

The inside of the museum building is bright, airy, colorful, and chockfull of really cool stuff...

including some of my favorite things:

ship models,

ship models,


and more ship models.

On this cutaway model of a Sumner class destroyer, I was able to show John where I lived and worked during my time aboard the U.S.S. Dehaven in 1973-74.

And in this twin 5-inch 38 caliber gun house, 

I was able to show him where I nearly lost my life way back then, as the "hot shell man".

But he wasn't listening.  He was too busy being menaced by...

some sort of undersea robot-monster thingy.

What a fantastic museum facility.



Anonymous said...

Looks like a younger version of Robbie the Robot.

John C. Nicholas

Jeff said...


Does a "hot shell" refer to a live round ready to be loaded and fired or a spent casing that has been ejected from the breech?

Looks like a great museum!


Mannie Gentile said...


Asmoking empty needing to be retrieved and tossed out of the gun house scuttle.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

They'll see the shows and they'll model clothes, and they'll take the town in a whirl, and they won't come home until they've kissed a girl!