Sunday, November 07, 2010

Things Change

When You've been out sick for three weeks there's bound to be some changes upon your return.

 I was winding up this beautiful first afternoon back when I glanced out to the parking lot and saw a delightful sight.

"Oh yeah..." said a colleague "there are now horse and buggy tours of the park."

Some things bear closer investigation.

I went out and introduced myself to Bill Licliter and  Laurie Atkinson from Bonnymeed Farm over in Shepherdstown.  Sure enough They are the new authorized tour livery for the park.

Buzz, the horse, sensed that I was sniffing around for a free ride...

which Laurie graciously offered.

This little wagon is made of oak and simply, though nicely appointed with comfortable seats...

 plenty of springs, and rubber tires (or tyres) for a nice smooth ride.

In keeping with the Park's move toward sustainability...

 it's also very fuel efficient.

With Bill at the reins, I was given a delightful spin north on Dunker Church Road.

I'd never seen Philly Brigade Park from quite this vantage point.

Thanks to this short ride I learned that there's an interesting similarity between Park Rangers and horses;

every day, we make new friends.

It is so good to be back.

clip-clopping along, just north of Sharpsburg,



Jeff said...


It's great to see you back where you belong!

Have a great wedding Nov. 20!


Unknown said...

Glad your feeling better and back posting. So much enjoy your bringing Antietam close to me. I do miss those videos of the C&0 canal that you used to do. Stay healthy.

Jim Rosebrock said...

Glad your back "in the saddle" so to speak> Jim

scouter573 said...

Welcome back! Even if you are a little "horse" :)

John Cummings said...

What, no Segways?
Good to see you back on your battlefield!