Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Soundtrack of the Centennial: part one

Our "pea-pickin' cousin" provided much of the background music of my childhood.



Unknown said...

Ooohh, my hubby's fav... well, next to Johnny Horton that is. What a hoot.

Suzan said...

Nice Blog! I'm checking out other blogs trying to find out how to get recognized.
I'm making daily entries, coping a CW Journal by a soldier from Co. E, 59th Reg. Indiana Vol Infantry!
Hope you'll check it out!

Anonymous said...

what the hell is that black thing coming out of that cardboard sleeve?

HankC said...

too funny. Not only do we have the same NPS booklets, toy soldiers and petro-chemical recording devices, but even the same upholstory!