Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Smoke on the Battlefield

This past Saturday afternoon I saw the most incongruous thing; a flaming hay wagon driving down Dunker Church Road.  By the time it got halfway down Smoketown Road the driver knew that something was amiss.

Perhaps this can be the new derivation of the name "Smoketown Road".

No one was hurt.

Keeping a nose out for smoke,

Ranger Mannie


Jeff said...

I've heard of making hay while the sun shines - but this is a bit extreme!

BTW - what ever happened to the place where you witnessed the other fire a while back? I think it was called "Crystal Caverns" or something like that.


Mannie Gentile said...


Crystal Grottoes was back in operation within six months. The fire gutted their visitor center leaving just the stone shell. They started reconstruction immediately and now you'd never be the wiser.